Our Skills & Values

Our Skills & Values

AGT Poortman holds a key place in the supply chain for the Pulse and Birdseed industries, working with customers to ensure that their operations are always assured of continuity of supply. This may appear to be an inflated claim for a Pulse and Birdseed importer and distributor, however a breakdown of supply could prove very costly indeed.

Profitable Partnerships
AGT Poortman’s approach to the supply of Pulses such as Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas and Peas, and Birdseeds including Millet, Canary, Sunflower and Niger Seeds is based very much on a partnership basis. AGT Poortman is not just the middleman, but a key partner of growers and producers, often sourcing from developing countries. AGT Poortman helps these origins to meet the demands of European and North American customers, to become more competitive and produce only first quality products. AGT Poortman staff travel the world sourcing the best Pulses & Birdseeds with the aim of developing sustainable supply chains.

AGT Poortman also understands the consequences for its customers of disrupted supply of key ingredients, and therefore structures its buying patterns, distribution facilities and stock position to ensure continuity, providing delivery programs based on customer requirements.

Ethical Sourcing
All Pulses and Birdseeds imported, distributed and stocked by AGT Poortman are sourced using ethical principles. This generally begins with an ethical audit, resulting in an action plan where necessary to ensure that standards are met. Ethical principles apply equally to the growing of Pulses and Birdseeds as to working conditions, pay etc for employees of producers.

Depth & Breadth of Experience
Collectively, AGT Poortman traders have over 350 years’ experience as Pulse and Birdseed importers and distributors. This experience covers all varieties of Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas and Peas, Millet, Canary, Sunflower and Niger Seeds, as well as experience in trading with producers located in a broad range of countries working under very different commercial frameworks. Although AGT Poortman traders are often travelling the world sourcing the best products, there is always a team of traders in the office who can deal with enquires and customer requests.

International Pulse & Birdseed Importers, Distributors & Stockists
Pulses and Birdseed are imported from around the world by AGT Poortman for distribution to meet customer requirements, or for stock to ensure that just in time or unusually high demand can be met. In this way, AGT Poortman is confident of always providing first class service and continuity of supply. All the staff at AGT Poortman do their best to understand the needs of the client, and would be pleased to arrange a visit to understand processes and requirements in order for a tailor-made procurement plan to be prepared.