Delivery Flexibility

Delivery Flexibility

AGT Poortman fulfils three functions within the supply chain as an international Birdseed and Pulses distributor, importer and stockist. In all these roles, AGT Poortman customers have come to expect certain service standards; expectations based on a history of doing business with a company at the forefront of the sourcing and supply of Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas and Peas, Pulse Ingredients, Millet, Canary, Sunflower and Blackseed.

Pulse Ingredient Manufacturer and Exporter
AGT Poortman’s PulsePlus™ product offering is a diverse portfolio of pulse ingredients, including pulse fibres, pulse proteins, starch and pulse flours and semolinas. Pulse ingredients are fine powdered materials created from the fractions of high-quality peas, lentils and chickpeas, made without the use of processing aids or chemical compounds.

Pulse & Birdseed Importer
AGT Poortman is one of Europe’s largest and longest established Pulse and Birdseed importers. The company supplies products to customers either on a direct from producer basis or, for just in time orders, increases in demand and smaller quantities, it can supply via one of its four international warehousing facilities.

Pulse & Birdseed Distributor
As a pulse and birdseed distributor, AGT Poortman is able to supply its full range of products in packaging from 25kg to two tonnes and quantities from one metric tonne upwards. Other packaging configurations can usually be accommodated if required. For customers with lower volume requirements, AGT Poortman’s European-wide network of distributors will be only too happy to arrange supply.

Pulse & Birdseed Stockist
From warehouses located in the UK, Holland, Spain and Italy, AGT Poortman’s full range of Pulses and Birdseeds are available from stock for delivery throughout Europe and internationally. By acting as a stockist of Pulses and Birdseed, AGT Poortman is able to fulfil both just in time orders and increased demand from regular customers.

Customised Delivery Programs
AGT Poortman is able to arrange delivery to customers based on their demand, delivering product just-in-time in quantities and packaging to satisfy customer requirements. From one tonne per month to multiple container loads daily, AGT Poortman’s logistics team can arrange delivery schedules to ensure the right product is delivered at the right time. These arrangements may include delivery direct from origin in container loads, or supply in bags holding anything from 25kg to two tonnes. Deliveries are also timed to suit customer warehousing and logistics schedules.