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Performance Integrity

AGT Poortman is the supplier of choice of Pulses and Birdseeds to customers in the UK, Europe and beyond. This enviable position is a result of the knowledge and experience gained over 140 years as Pulse and Birdseed importers, distributors and stockists.

The import and distribution of the many varieties of Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas and Peas, Millet, Canary, Sunflower and Niger Seeds supplied by AGT Poortman is seen by many in the food industry as a volatile process carrying inherent risks; however the company’s long experience means that AGT Poortman traders understand these risks and how to manage them, providing consistent quality and continuity of supply to customers. For example, AGT Poortman has multiple suppliers for each type of Pulse and Birdseed, so if something goes wrong in one location, a bad harvest due to adverse weather, there are alternative sources of supply to ensure commitments to customers are met.

Equally, different countries around the world do business in different ways and it is not easy to understand them all. AGT Poortman employs a team of traders, all specialists in different areas, to obtain the best terms and most efficient supply chain for each product offered from each buying location. These specialists are integral not only to commercial operations within the business, but also to the rigorous quality assurance procedures put in place, contributing invaluably to AGT Poortman’s success as an international Pulse and Birdseed importer and distributor.

By working with AGT Poortman’s experienced team of traders risks are managed in our ever changing and sometimes volatile markets. The company is very well established as one of the world’s leading Pulse and Birdseed importers, distributors and stockists and AGT Poortman is a name trusted by both producers and buyers; producers know that trade terms are fair and business practices ethical, and buyers know that contracts are fulfilled, delivery is reliable and quality is first class.