Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

As an international Pulse and Birdseed importer and distributor, AGT Poortman considers that quality is paramount. AGT Poortman customers have some of the highest standards in the world and need to be confident that their ingredients supplies meet the exacting criteria required by modern food production processes.

Taking pride in being an international importer and distributor of Pulses and Birdseed of only the highest quality means putting in place a quality assurance procedure that takes account of every single stage of production, from the grower to the customer.

Field Work
AGT Poortman’s quality assurance procedure starts, quite literally, in the field. Travelling extensively, staff regularly inspect crops and with farmers in developing countries, they assist by discussing best agronomic practises. They also work with processors to set up and maintain efficient production facilities, advising on the best machinery to use and the most efficient factory set up, and sharing best practice at all stages of production. This ensures that AGT Poortman’s suppliers fully understand the requirements of AGT Poortman’s customers, and are ideally placed to meet them.

Supplier Audits
Once established, suppliers are regularly audited, both by AGT Poortman and its customers. The rigorous audit procedure ensures that the quality standards established at the outset are maintained throughout the supply chain to conserve excellence.

AGT Poortman has been importing and distributing Pulses and Birdseed from China for over 50 years. AGT Poortman employees based in China have been instrumental in improving production and processing standards, resulting in the superior quality and competitiveness of Chinese Pulses and Birdseeds on the international market. Today, AGT Poortman buys more Pulses and Birdseed from China than anywhere else in the world, resulting in the establishment of its own dedicated Pulse processing factory in Tianjin during 2003. AGT Poortman has maintained a staff presence elsewhere in the country to ensure continued high quality, with representatives inspecting every consignment prior to shipment.

Final Analysis
Imported Pulses and Birdseed are shipped directly to customers; or on other occasions AGT Poortman acts as a stockist, utilising warehouse facilities in the UK, Holland, Spain and Italy. All shipments are sampled and analysed on arrival at the European warehouse.

UK and European Recleaning
Where required, AGT Poortman provides UK or European recleaning of Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas and Peas.